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Parc expo

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Located in the city centre, the Toulouse Expositions Park meets all types of professional and public demands.

Over a surface of 90,000 m², the Toulouse Expositions Park and its scalable structures provide flexibility and comfort in organising your salon, convention, meeting, conference, business event, or even gala.

The 9 Halls of Expositions Park:

General layout of the Halls


HALL 1   3,473 m²

               Length: 90 m x width: 37.50 m

               HSP : 6 to 9.3 m

HALL 2   3,588 m²

              Length: 70 m x width: 51.5 m

              HSP max: 6.5 to 10 m

HALL 3  4,631 m²

              Length: 90 m x width: 52 m

              HSP max: 13.50 m

HALL 4 7,409 m²

             HSP max: 6.5 m

HALL 5  4,722 m²

             Length: 90 m x width: 54 m

             HSP max:  6.5 to 9.3 m

HALL 6  6,936 m²

             Length: 119.5 m x width: 60 m

             HSP max: 6.5 m

HALL 7  4,756 m²

             Length: 90 m x width: 54 m

             HSP: 7.5 to 9.3 m

HALL 8  2,030 m²

             Length: 63.6 m x width: 31.75 m

             HSP: 8.14 to 10.76 m

HALL 9  1,593m²

             Length: 60 m x width: 26 m

             HSP: 6 to 9.58 m


Certification ISO 14001: sites that are committed to the environment

Addressing environmental challenges is a priority for GL events, in order to meet the challenges of reducing waste, energy expenses, both in relation to the territorial challenges and in line with requirements for its management. 

The entire network of French sites for GL events has been ISO  14001 certified since 2012. On this basis, the Expositions Park and the Centre de Congrès Pierre Baudis have been ISO 14001 certified since the audit done in 2012.