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In application of the latest decisions taken by the public authorities, the three Toulouse Evenements sites: The Pierre Baudis Congress Center, Les Espaces Vanel and the Parc des Expositions are closed until further notice. We will therefore not be able to honor physical appointments as long as the measures are applied.

The entire Toulouse Evenement team has been in partial activity since Monday, March 16, 2020 and for an indefinite period of time.

A permanence is assured, if necessary you can send an email to or call (standard permanence) which will redirect the requests towards the concerned interlocutors.

We are more careful than ever with this exceptional situation, hoping that it will not last too long.

Meanwhile, like us: Protect yourself, Stay at home.

See you soon.

The Toulouse Evenements team

Our references

Projects organised by Toulouse events:

  • International Toulouse Fair
  • Art Artisans and Young Creators Salon
  • Auto Salon in co-organisation with the CNPA
  • Habitat/Living Salon
  • Wines and Produce Salon
  • Chocolate and Gourmet Items Salon
  • Used Car Salon
  • SMAHRT [Salon for Food & Hotel Industry-Catering Professions]
  • Future Logistics Salon
  • Children's Fairground Festival

Toulouse Expositions Park welcome events:

  • Canine Internationale
  • Architecture Meetings
  • Aeromart Salon
  • Autonomic Salon
  • Baby Salon
  • CODIR Salon
  • Real Estate Salon
  • Antique Dealers Salon
  • CE Salon
  • Arts and Crafts Salon
  • Tourism - Mahana Salon
  • Zoomania Salon
  • SISQA (International Food Security and Quality Salon)
  • Toulouse Game Show
  • ...